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Sykamore - Pinto






Samantha Pickard

Strut Entertainment


Artist Biography (PDF)

Album Track-by-Track (PDF)

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1. Pinto (Jordan Ostrom)

2. Just 4 July (Jordan Ostrom, Trannie Anderson, Jimi Bell)

3. Dancing in the Dark (Jordan Ostrom, Benjamin Johnson)

4. Cheap Thrills (Jordan Ostrom, Ben Stennis, Jaron Boyer)

5. Out of Luck (Jordan Ostrom, Bobby Campbell)

6. Record High (Jordan Ostrom, Jeff Cohen, Bobby Hamrick)

7. California King (Jordan Ostrom, Justin Morgan, Justin Weaver)

8. Where To Find Me (Jordan Ostrom, Jason Massey, Austin Taylor Smith)

9. Go Easy On Me (Jordan Ostrom, Bobby Campbell, Liz Rose)

10.Local Singles (Jordan Ostrom, Deric Ruttan, Chris Stevens)

11. Stay Broke (Jordan Ostrom, Jason Massey)

12. Wallflower* (Jordan Ostrom, Nathan Chapman)


Produced by Michael Knox

*"Wallflower" produced by Bobby Campbell

Recorded by Peter Coleman at Treasure Isle Studios, Nashville, TN.

Vocals recorded by Bobby Campbell at The Safari Studio, Nashville, TN.

Mixed by Dave Clauss at Treehouse Studios, Nashville, TN.

Vocal and Editing Engineering by Joel Fraser at Allied Studios, Calgary, AB

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Assistant Engineer/Editing Engineer – Brandon Epps

Production Coordinator – Shalacy Griffin

Sykamore – Acoustic Guitar

Rich Redmond – Drums/Percussion

Tully Kennedy – Bass

Kurt Allison – Electric Guitar

Adam Shoenfeld – Electric Guitar

Danny Rader – Acoustic Guitar/Hi-String/Bouzouki

John Willis – Acoustic Guitar

Sam Hunter - Acoustic Guitar

Mike Johnson – Steel

Charlie Judge – B3/Piano/Synth

Bobby Campbell – Piano/Keys/Rhodes/Mellotron/Synthezizer 

Bobby Campbell, Ben Stennis, Justin Weaver, Bobby Hamrick – Programming

Sykamore, Bobby Campbell, Emma-Lee, Raquel Warchel – BGV

Art Direction - Jake Lerman

Photography - Mike Carreiro, Robby Klein

Management - Jake Kennedy, The Anvil

Booking - Brad Bissell, CAA (U.S.), Joel Baskin, The Feldman Agency (Canada)

Legal - Derek Crownover & Nathan Drake, Loeb & Loeb


Jake Kennedy, Bobby Campbell, Sam Hunter, Rhett Akins, Ben Vaughn, Michael Knox, Shalacy Griffin, Nathan Chapman, Trannie Anderson, Jimi Bell Jr., Ben Johnson, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Jeff Cohen, Bobby Hamrick, Justin Morgan, Justin Weaver, Jason Massey, Austin Taylor Smith, Liz Rose, Derrick Ruttan, Chris Stevens, Rich Redmond, Tully Kennedy, Adam Shoenfeld, Mike Johnson, Danny Rader, Kurt Allison, Dave Clauss, Adam Ayan, Jake Lerman, Gemma McInturff, Jaclyn Carter, Samantha Pickard.


All of you contributed something irreplaceable to this album and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice, your belief, and your talent. 


would like to thank...

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